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Art Exhibitions in Barcelona

Compostion at the Plaza Epana The main art galleries are located in the Eixample and around of the streets of C. Consell de Cent, Passeig de Grącia, C. Mallorca and C. Balmes. Several art galleries also could be found near the Estació de Franēa and C. Petrixol
A considerable quantity of antique shops are also in the Eixample and on Passeig de Grącia we can shop near here in the the Bulevard dels Anticuaris with 73 antique shops.

In the old Jewish quarter Call, in the heart of the Gothic quarter, especially on C. Banys Nous and C. Palla, there are a considerable number of shops which sell rare antiques.

Barcelona Art Exhibitions
Next to the Mercat dels Encants, around the intersection of C. Aragó and C. Dos de Maig, there are several antique wholesalers who also sell to the general public. Every Thursday in the Plaēa de la Catedral, a small antique flea–market is held, on March one of the most important antique fairs in Europe, known as the Salon de Anticuarios, is held at the fairgrounds.

Film schools

Film schools in Barcelona

A film school is an educational institution that is dedicated to the film instruction; it means that it covers aspects like movie making that includes film production, theory, and scriptwriting. Most of the film schools programs incorporate a technical training, such as learning the use of cameras, lights and other necessary instruments for the production of movies.

Music schools in Barcelona

Because the Music, learn a music program help to develop the mind and grow, this is really true. By such reason is good the music schools. In conclusion music is everything , the music is: Enduring, Science, Math, History, Physical Education, Foreign Language.
Music schools

Dance schools

Dance schools in Barcelona

Here you can find the most important dance schools, and also first-hand information about dance education, dance career, dance wear and other resources related with dance. Dance is a deliberate activity that involves purpose, intentional rhythm, culturally movement of aesthetic and inherent value; all these make dance an art rather than a sport or a coincidence.

Image schools in Barcelona

Professional and personal environments are filled with images. Whatever the media, presentation format, or technology used, images remain above all the creation of specialists responding to the precise needs of companies from every professional sector. Image schools cover interactive multimedia, animation, graphic and printing communication, photography and video. These schools provides the education for the freelance graphic design professionals and other creative jobs.
Image schools

Beauty schools

Beauty schools in Barcelona

Our Beauty Schools directory is a very complete source of information for those interested in studying cosmetology arts & sciences and acquiring a degree in beauty, cosmetology, esthetics/skin care, nail technology, barbering, or any related field.

Art schools in Barcelona

Interested in a degree in the art and design world? with our database of art schools and colleges, has top degree programs in a variety of fields, including graphic design, fashion, interactive media, interior design, game design, web design, photography and film.
Art schools

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