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Festivals in Barcelona

Barcelona is characterized by being a festive city especially during summer when each neighborhood (barrio) prepare the celebration for its own patron saint among other street parties; some of the most popular local and national holidays are:

12th May Pentecost (local)
24th June Sant Joan (local)
11th September National Day of Catalonia (local)
24th September La Merce Festival (local)

1st January New Year's Day
6th January Epiphany/Three Kings
10th April Good Friday
13th April Easter Monday
1st May Labour Day
15th August Feast of the Assumption
12th October Columbus' Day (National Day in the rest of Spain)
1st November All Saints Day
6th December Constitution Day
8th December Immaculate Conception
25th December Christmas Day
26th December Boxing Day

Some of the main festivals are detailed below:

Carnival (February/March)

Many people enjoy the Carnival as it was the last chance to go wild before Lent, if you visit during this festival you'll find a mild and sunny climate and people preparing plenty of fireworks, fancy dress, parties and more. The most famous event is the Carnival Parade, in which approximately 2000 participants and around 60 wagons run along the Avinguda del Parallel.

Dia de Sant Jordi (23rd April)

St. George's festival is the most colorful of celebrations because he is the patron saint of Barcelona, this is a particular event in which men should give women a rose (St Valentine's Day) and women should give men a book (Cervantes celebration).

Festival de Sonar (mid-June)

It's the advanced music and multimedia art festival known as the world's leading experimental electronic music festivals and it's held every year in the third week of June.

Festival de Sant Joan (23/24th June)

This festival is held in midsummer and is famous due to the endless fireworks let off around the city, the celebration takes all night and the best place to enjoy it is the beach.

Grec Arts Festival (June-August)

It's a festival composed by theatre, dance and music acts in sensational venues around the city. The name of the Grec Arts Festival comes from the Greek Theatre (replica of the Ancient Greek amphitheatre) that is a magical place in Barcelona.

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