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Barcelona Travel Guide

Gastronomy of Barcelona

The Catalan gastronomy is well known worldwide because of its variety, it’s a truly mix of tradition and innovation that has been influenced by other cultures, it is also a clear example of Mediterranean kitchen and their dishes are varied and original; Its location, between the sea and the mountain, provides to him the better fruits of both places.

Its origins go back to the time of the Roman culture and since then it has been influenced by Italian, French, Greek, Provençal, Arab and Jewish gastronomy resulting in an exquisite and complex cuisine.

The last months the most famos Catalan cooks, Ferràn Adrià, Santi Santamaría, Fermí Puig, Carles Gaig, Carme Ruscalleda o Sergi Arola , have received very good comments of international press.

Using olive oil, vegetables, pig, fish and its derivatives is a tradition in Barcelona; there is also an exquisite variety of wines which day after day are more and respected internationally, the habitual dishes are “the rossejats”, “esqueixada”, “butifarra con judías”, etc. Among desserts the honey with requesón and the excellent and popular Catalan cream.

Traditional dishes:

  • Escalivada
  • Faves a la Catalana
  • Calçots
Meat and fish:
  • Fricandó
  • Butifarra con mongetes
  • Mar i Muntanya
  • Esqueixada de Bacallà
  • Pa amb tomàquet i selección de embutidos
  • Escudella y Carn d´olla
  • All i oli
  • Sanfaina
  • Romesco
  • Sofrito
  • Coca de Sant Joan
  • Mel i mató
  • Crema Catalana
  • Panellets
  • Alella
  • Catalunya
  • Costers del Segre
  • Empurdà
  • Conca de Barberà
  • Priorat
  • Montsant
  • Penedès
  • Tarragona
  • Terra Alta
  • Pla de Bages

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