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Barcelona Travel Guide

Itineraries in Barcelona

Gothic Quarter

It's an old town district known as the Gothic Quarter due to the great Gothic monuments found here and beautiful monuments, plazas and other attractions such as: The Palau Reial Major, Plaša de Sant Jaume, chapel of Sant Jordi, Town Hall, Plaša de Sant Just, Church of Sant Sever, Plaša del Pi, Plaša de Sant Josep Oriol and more.

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Barcelona Itineraries

Barcelona Itineraries

Ribera Quarter

The River Quartier is composed by two separate districts; the itinerary starts in the Plaša Del Angel, the Santa Maria district and its plaza with beautiful buildings with Baroque and Gothic forms and picturesque houses, numerous palaces such as: Plaša de Sant AgustÝ el Vell, Plaša Sant Pere and the Palau de la M˙sica Catalana.

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El Eixample

This Itinerary is composed by places located in the central Area of Barcelona city mainly; it begins at the Plaza de Catalunya, where you'll observe many buildings with neo-gothic structures and some of the most popular are: the TÝvoli Theater, the Casal de Sant Jordi, and the Casa Calvet by Antoni GaudÝ. You'll know the Manšana de la Disc˛rdia, apple of discord), La Pedrera, Casa Serra, the Conservatori Municipal de M˙sica (Municipal Conservatory of Music) and other famous buildings.

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Barcelona Itineraries

Barcelona Itineraries

La Rambla

It's one of the most popular streets in Barcelona for both tourists and locals alike; in fact La Rambla is usually called as Las Ramblas because it's not only one street but a series of shorter streets each one of the with a different name. The itinerary begins with the upper section named as the Rambla de Canaletesafter and ends in a wide avenue known as the Rambla de Santa M˛nica.

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The Waterfront

The Waterfront is a great itinerary in which it will be easy to get around without knowing a lot of Spanish or Catalan; the itinerary it includes many activities and attractions in ]Port Vell such as: Plaša del Portal de la Pau, the Drassanes, the Moll de la Fusta, The Rambla del Mar (or the Rambla only), the CapitanÝa General (Military headquarters), the Church of La MercÚ, the Olympic Village and more.

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Barcelona Itineraries

Barcelona Itineraries


The Montju´c is a mountain in Barcelona; its name comes from medieval Catalan and means Hill of the Jews. The itinerary is full of beautiful attractions such as: The Palau Nacional, the Magica fountain with its spectacle of light, water, color and music; the fortress at Montju´c and other places.

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