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Barcelona Travel Guide

Nightlife in Barcelona

Bars, cafés, clubs and discotheques are common in the vicinity south of Av. Diagonal between C. Pau Claris and C. Aribau, you can find any kind of music there. Good places for having fun could be found above the Av. Diagonal, on C. Santaló and nearby, in the vicinity of the Plaça Francesc Maciŕ, the streets of C. Aribau and C. Muntaner are also very lively at night.

The Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village) on Montjuďc provides an outstanding background for one of the most famous night spots, The Olympic Village in Poble Nou also has a nice selection of bars and discotheques.

The Grŕcia district has a plentiful collection of small night spots with lots of pernsonallity, and also a good number of outdoor cafés in the squares can be found.

Port Vell

Port Vell is a new entertainment complex in Barcelona. The Passeig de Juan de Borbón and Rambla de Mar conduce to a peaceful stroll while enjoying the magnificent view of the port.In the Palau de Mar, there are numerous restaurants offering a wide selection of Catalan cuisine and seafood dishes, which can be savored within the restaurants or at an outdoor terrace while enjoying the sea breeze.

Would you like to be part of a film?, try the IMAX theater you'll experience new sensations or enjoy a fascinating underwater world at the Aquarium, the largest in Europe.

The Maremagnum, a complete assortment of leisure and entertainment provides all types of shops, restaurants and bars.The Maritime Museum and Museum of History of Catalunya are cultural points of interest at this grand recreational complex of Port Vell.

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