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Parks and Garden in Barcelona

Park Güell

The most famous park in Barcelona, it was designed by Antoni Gaudí and also declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. It was first conceived as a private estate but it became a public park in 1922.

Parc de la Ciutadella

Cita del park, the largest park in the city, was transformed in 1888 for the World's Fair, several museums within the park, including Barcelona's Zoo, and a romantic garden bordered by two tree–lined paths, the enormous "cascade" fountain and a lake can be found on the grounds.

Parc Laberint

It was built in 1791 on different levels with stairways, pavilions and richly ornamented railings. Adorning the gardens are various statues of mythological figures.

Parc Guinardó

Guinardó park clearly resembles a forest and has an intricate topography oriented towards the four cardinal points.

Jardins del Palau Reial de Pedralbes

The gardens of the Pedralbes Royal Palace form a geometrically designed classical–style park with lovely flower beds and large trees from the original royal estate.

Jardins i roserar de Cervantes

Cervantes gardens boast over 240 varieties of roses.

Parc Clot

Clot park, between the streets of Gran Via and Av. Meridiana, has a natural amphitheater and a large drawbridge.

Parc Estació del Nord

North Station park is a large green oasis serving as framework for various sculptures, especially works by Beverly Pepper.

Parc Joan Miró

Joan Miró park is a paved square bordered by palm trees containing a spectacular sculpture by Miró.

Parc Espanya Industrial

The Spanish Industrial park, located on the west side of Estació de Sants, offers us two different aspects: a charming one and an industrial one.

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