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Barcelona Travel Guide

Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is superior to Madrid when we talk about restaurants, because these are better located in the specialized guides, and nowadays they exert a recognized gastronomic leadership.

It is necessary to know that the restaurants in Barcelona have unconventional schedules, because people in Spain usually eat late. Lunch usually begins from 14:00 to about 15:30 or 16h. And dinner is in general from 10:00 or shortly before.

When we talk about tips, it is helpful to know that is common in middle or high level restaurants to leave a tip of 1 or to 2 €, being unusual tipping more than 3 €, in many restaurants it is a habit not leaving any tip, you simply leave the change.

Can Fabes Restaurant

It is located to 50KM of Barcelona, is one of the best restaurants of the province and even considered the first restaurant in the history of the Catalan gastronomy; it offers a gastronomical type of Contemporary kitchen, and adapted menus to each station.

San Pau Restaurant

The Carme Ruscalleda - Sant Pau restaurant was inaugurated in the summer of year 1988, it is located in “Sant Pol de Mar”, it has a garden and a beautiful view to the sea, in addition, it is characterized to work with the best products of market, acquired mainly in the region of the Maresme, it offers an inspired kitchen mainly in products of season and the reinterpretation of the Catalan culinary tradition.

The Raco d´en Freixa

It is located in Sant Elies, this small and cosy restaurant of familiar management since 1986 offers a modern and well-taken care kitchen with incursions in the Catalan tradition. Its menus changes frequently and present an important section dedicated to desserts and coffee, as well as of craftsmen cheeses, it provides a kind and professional service, and also has a deprived dining room for 16 people.

Neichel Restaurant

It is one of the most classic and prestigious restaurants in Barcelona, it is located in the heart of the residential district of Pedralbes where Jean-Louis Neichel and his wife Evelin wait to serve you the most exquisite delicacies which combine the Mediterranean tradition and the French innovation.

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