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It is a town located in the Baix Llobregat comarca near to the towns Gavà, Viladecans, Sant Boi de Llobregat, Sitges and el Prat de Llobregat, it is located exactly to the north of the massís del Garraf and it is the last town on the coast before the comarca of Garraf, the town gets its name from the ancient word "castle of Fels", which overlooks the breathtaking coastline.

It is a coastal city that receives a lot of tourism mainly in the summer, people from Barcelona and the countryside visit it, you can get there by the highway (TO-16), by taking a train (it C-2) or by bus.

The weather is the typical Mediterranean with rain in spring and autumn, and some amazing storms, dry summers and cool winters, Fresh fish and seafood are abundant, fruits and vegetables are locally produced as well as the olive oil, all are used to make some delicious traditional dishes.

These are some famous places in Castelldefels:
  • Castillo: Located in a hill and built in the X Century, nowadays it serves like a room exhibition.
  • Club Riviera: Located in the highway, it is also well-known as "The Rivi."
  • Club Saratoga.
  • Canal Olímpico: It was built in calm waters for the celebration of the speed competitions during the Olympic Games in 1992.
  • Castell de Fels y Muralla Exterior: It is a medieval origin castle.
  • Iglesia de Santa Maria de Castelldefels: Roman church, originate from the X century which has suffered numerous modifications after its building.
  • Can Roca de Baix y Torre.
  • Can Gomar, Torre y edificioanexo.
  • Antique vigilance towers: Can Viñas y torre de Sant Salvador, Torre Barona, Torre de vigilancia (de Guaita) de la plaza del Castillo, Torre Moruna, Torre Gabriel Folcher, Torre de Antonio, Torre de Cal Moliner, Torre de Can Valls de la Muntanyeta, Torre Climent Savall (Torreón Mediterraneo)


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