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Barcelona Travel Guide

Employment in Barcelona

Spain is considered nowadays as a first world development country because of its economic progress. A big example of this economic expansion is Barcelona; this city is today one of the most important Spanish cities and one of the main international cities in the world.† Itís the most popular tourist destination in Spain and also an economic growing financial center.

Barcelona is the 16th most pleasant city to live in the world and one of its biggest industries is the industrial design. Barcelona is a worldwide destination especially for its international workers, plenty of people around the world work within tourism and hospitality industries: restaurants, bars and hotels are favorite areas to apply to. English teachers are in high demand as well; many private language schools offer teaching jobs. So why not to apply for a job in this marvelous Mediterranean city?

A little knowledge of Spanish and Catalan is compulsory in order to do a great job interview and get your job. It is usual for other foreigners in Barcelona to start their own business themselves in areas such as household services, plumbing, construction, hairdressing or dog-walking.

But if you are a new one in languages and donít speak any Spanish donít worry, there are job opportunities available from bartending to waitressing, telesales in English, and some receptionist jobs.

Employment agencies in Barcelona

There are a bunch of employment agencies in Barcelona that help employers meet jobseekers and choose the correct ones for their companies, many employment agencies specialized in international and multilingual jobs can help you with successful results. †

Also, you can find jobs at our directory of state jobs agencies in The United States.

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