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Barcelona Travel Guide

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It is a city of few inhabitants, in fact less than 2.000.000 inhabitants live here but artistic, historical, economic and cultural interest of Barcelona are huge; this roman, gothic, modernist and futurist Barcelona has thousand of dimensions and thousands of spaces which are full of colour and historical density. It is one of the biggest metropolises of the Mediterranean, it is not a city to visit just once, you’ll want to come back to Barcelona once and again, because it has never had a lack cultural attractive and Tradition and modernism are conjugated here.

Thanks to its location in the north-eastern angle of Spain it excellently communicates with their neighbor cities, is one of the economic centres of the Mediterranean which counts with an active port. But the city has not been let devour by the industrial vortex and it has always had a defendant cultural vocation.

People in Barcelona have always had enough sensitivity to conserve the rests of the Roman past, the notable legacy gothic and these last centuries there has been an increased interest for taking care of parks, palaces and installations of any type, specially made for exhibitions and the Olympic Games.

Barcelona is also interesting because its urban structure and mainly for being world-wide centre of modernism.Barcelona represents for modernism the same thing that Florence represents for the Renaissance.

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