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Barcelona Travel Guide

Golf in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great destination to enjoy golf. There are different golf courses in varied landscapes, where people are able to take golf lesson during day or night, because most of them count with artificial lighting. The following are the most important golf courses in Barcelona:
  • Sant Vicenc of Montalt
  • Golf Sant Joan - Barcelona
  • Golf Club Llavaneras
  • Real Club de Golf El Prat
  • Golf Club Barcelona
  • St Cugat Golf Club
  • Club de Golf Terramar Sitges

Golf Tips

If you are a beginner in this sport, these golf tips will be very useful:
  • Before playing, remember to warm up to avoid lesions.
  • Make sure your stance is correct, especially when you take a shot.
  • It is important that your instructor supervise your grip and the way you take the golf club to avoid possible and future injuries.
  • Do not strain your hold during your swing; prevent any movement that could hurt you.
  • To know how much you must move, practice the rotation of your shoulders and hips, this way you will displace your weight.


In Barcelona you can find golf lessons for beginners, intermediate and experienced players; most of these classes are held in golf courses, with experienced golf instructors, many of which speak English.

Know your Price Limit

Barcelona puts golf at your disposal at affordable prices, but we recommend you to settle the price you're willing to spend before enrolling in a golf lesson; you have many alternatives.

Make Sure Your Goals and Commitment Match

It is important to have goals according to your qualifications and experience; if you are a beginner, you should focus on learning the basics still enjoying this wonderful game, but if you are more experienced, you can focus on perfecting your skills. Instructors will respond to your demands and effort.

Private Lessons vs. Golf Schools

You can choose private lessons or attend some of the golf schools around the area, both are very good options despite how  expensive they can be, the investment is worth it. If you do not want to spend on too many private classes, you can opt for a golf school; they are of very good quality as well.

For more information, check our Barcelona Golf courses database.

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