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Health care in Barcelona

Barcelona as the capital city of the autonomous community of Cataluña shares the Catalan public health system known as CatSalut. It is of high quality and belongs to the National Health care system that is universal and has free access.

Catalan public health system

Any person legally resident in Spain can benefit from the Spanish social security system. People from the following categories: employed workers, self-employed workers, students, civil servants or military personnel.

The Social Security is divided in two categories:
1.    Contributory
2.    Non-contributory

Depending on the category, it might cover for: illness, Non work-related injuries, Retirement, Maternity and paternity leave, among others.
If you are from a European Member state, having presented your EHC or the European Health Card you have free hospitalization and medical care expenses.

Medical schools  

Medical schools in Barcelona

Medicine is a career in which you can save lives and protect them; if it is your vocation, it is time to sign up for one of these medical schools and you will be taught of the human body, illness topics, and eventually be able to apply this knowledge in your practices in hospitals or clinics. Some of these schools provide courses to observe and work with experienced doctors, besides you will explore different specialties into medical science, such as family practice, internal medicine, surgery, psychiatry, obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics.


Nursing schools  

Nursing schools in Barcelona

If you feel attracted to nursing and do not know where to study, here you find a directory with nursing schools that may meet your needs, objectives and career goals you want to accomplish in life. That is why nursing programs provide practical learning, in which the students are responsible for monitoring and assisting patients with their daily care and recovery.

Pharmacy schools  

Pharmacy schools in Barcelona

Pharmacy is a career in which you can develop many skills as investigator and creating an impact in the health. That is why you have to choose the best school within pharmacy schools in accordance with many factors that you need to consider, and pharmacy schools are committed to provide the necessary, so that you can contribute to the health and improve the quality of life with a deep knowledge in different areas.

Dental schools  

Dental schools in Barcelona

You cannot imagine a world without smiles and you feel attracted for this career, take advantage and help others because the teeth are the window of our soul and all dental schools are committed to enable a fair access to the profession of dentistry, so your dream will come true.

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