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Insurance in Barcelona

There are different types of insurances. You can choose one according to your needs. Remember, a insurance is a contract between two parties where one party agrees to cover any risk expenses in exchange for a premium. The insured has to pay a fixed sum of money to the other party. The person who is bearing the risk is known as the insurer, and the other part is known as the insured.

Travel insurance

Wherever you are planning to go, travel insurance is always a good prevention measure to protect yourself from any problems such as: medical or health problems, loss of property or personal things, trip cancellation or interruption and emergency evacuations.

The types of travel insurance are partial or total insurance, the insurance coverage depends on the type, the price, the time travel, the age and the health of the insured. It is advisable to ask your travel agent about a comprehensive travel insurance package.

Health Insurance

Every citizen who pays a social security system premium has the right to receive public care in Spain. This means they can go to public hospitals, doctors or specialists. Foreign people usually prefer to acquire a private health insurance because most of the time the public care isnít too efficient.

People often has seen as bad the quality of the public care. The impersonal care, the long waiting periods, and other situations are the principal reasons as to why people decide to purchase a private healthcare.

Healthcare insurance product

Every healthcare insurance product reimburses the following coverage:
  • Primary care.
  • Treatment and advice by a specialist.
  • Hospitalization.
  • World coverage with emergencies.
  • Preventive researches.

Car Insurance

A car or auto insurance covers all type of vehicles (motorcycles are included.) To purchase car insurance, it is necessary to have a valid driverís license and a valid license plate as well.

Government requires that all drivers must have minimum car insurance at least, mainly to protect third parties.

kind of car insurance

To be sure about the kind of car insurance that you want to purchase, you have to evaluate these points:
  • All the information about coverage that is offered by car insurances.
  • Review if the insurance offers extra advantages.
  • What you can and cannot opt out of
  • You can get a car insurance quote from several companies.
  • How much "risk tolerance" you have.

Home Insurance

A home insurance is designed to protect their family against damages to your house or contents that were inside your house.

You must know that there are two types of home insurance; one insures the structure of your home and the other insures the contents of your home.

Almost always a home insurance covers most scenarios where loss may occur; there are some events that are typically excluded from policies such as earthquakes, floods or others.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract made between a living person and an insurance company. In a life insurance, the insured person must pay a regular fee (called a premium) to the insurance company by a period of time. In case of death, insurance company will pay a pre-determined sum to the insured's family.

kinds of life insurance

There are many kinds of life insurance; some of them are:
  • Temporary Life Insurance.
  • Permanent Life Insurance.
  • Accidental Death Life Insurance.

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