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The Waterfront Itinerary

The Waterfront Itinerary begins at the Plaça del Portal de la Pau, which is the institutional square of Port Vell, where key events are celebrated each year such as those in honor of the patron saint La Mercè. The Plaza is considered the most outstanding reference point because it hosts many attractions such as the Christopher Columbus monument, the Drassanes or the departure place of the golondrinas (swallows), a Maritime Museum with reproductions of historical ships and an important collection of ancient drawings and maps.

In Port Vell you can find the Moll de la Fusta or Moll de Bosch i Alsina, which is located near the Passeig the Colom, between Portal de la Pau and the Plaça d'Antoni Lòpez, it is an ideal venue that gather large crowds and offers a spacious promenade with seats, restaurants and an underground parking lot. The Rambla del Mar is a popular street composed by a series of shorter streets (some people call it Les Rambles) that connect two main squares: Plaça Catalunya in the centre with the Christopher Columbus monument at Port Vell.

On the left of the Passeig Colom two buildings will get your attention: The Capitania General and The Chrurch of La Mercè, then you’ll find the Plaça de Antonio López, here you’ll find the Main Post Office with a vestibule painted with frescoes of 20th century. Beyond the square is the Passeig de Isabel II with many attractive ancient buildings.

Then you’ll get to the Passeig de Juan de Borbon, its seafront area has the oldest and most crowded beaches, from here you can get to the Olympic Village by walking. The Olympic village is an accommodation center consisted of a group of buildings with rooms to lodge athletes, and buildings with other commodities.

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