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Job search in Barcelona

The job search in Barcelona is both easy and difficult. There are plenty of employment opportunities available in the entire city. It depends on your abilities and capabilities to get a job, nevertheless, the competition can be tough, which means you have to be prepared to compete with other professionals that are looking for a job opportunity just like yours.

Barcelona is an important city and one of the fields with more job offers is the financial one; there are many small and big international companies that have their branches in Barcelona, and they need qualified employees who speak English and you can be one of them.

What can I do to work in Barcelona?

If you have efficient language skills in Spanish and Catalan, you can easily get a job in Barcelona. There are prospective jobs for you, such as customer service, secretarial and administrative work, business, web development and freelance journalism, public relations and sales. But what else do you have to do as to get a job in Barcelona? You have to follow some useful steps, with the in order to you in the job search process.

Look for some employment agencies.

Your resume is the key to your professional development. If you are thinking of going to recruitment agencies then it is better to take with you an outstanding resume in order to get a job in Barcelona. Excellent Spanish abilities are also necessary because you will have a complete job interview in Spanish language, so be prepared. These employment agencies can help you find part-time or full-time positions. Donít forget to enclose a cover letter to your resume.

The online search.

You might want to create a resume online, and start applying for job vacancies online as well; this is the trendiest methods for finding a job in Barcelona and in any other city. You can also find at resume examples and other useful resources like resume templates in the net as guides to create and customize a perfect resume.

Teaching the Anglo language

English as the international language par excellence and the most required language by schools, universities, and companies, if you speak English you can apply for a job in that area. You can have a provisional contract initially but then a stable contract if everything goes well.

The long-awaited job interview.

A job interview is one of the most stressful processes that people have to face. Your body language, eye contact and your hand gestures are very important and qualified. Employers are often trained in human psychology and will analyze everything. Try to keep you hands on top of the table and use them to give open gestures while talking.

Dress up appropriately and smart, remember that you have to make a good first impression so they call you back for a second job interview.

Itís not polite to ask private questions to the interviewer so never do that, never talk about politics or religion, listen carefully and be specific by giving positive examples describing your experiences and skills, be confident and sincere and most importantly: smile frequently.

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