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Universal Port Aventura

PortAventura is a unique spot in the heart of the Costa Daurada.

Each day at PortAventura offers the most exciting of adventures and a whole range of experiences that you will remember forever.

Family holidays, a weekend break with friends, a business convention with your company... it doesn't matter who you are, where you come from or what you come for.

The important thing is that once you've been, the experience will stay with you for a long time to come.

PortAventura Park

A theme park full of action-packed adventures from all corners of the globe: imperial China, the wild Far West, exotic Polynesia, Aztec México and the mellow Mediterrània.

Mexico Mexico: Here, you can live a true Mexican celebration with rancheros and mariachis and delicious food, among the attractions are Temple of the Fire, the Devil, Train of the Mine. You can enjoy also spectacles like the Way of the Mayans, or “Fiesta Mariachi” and of course, you must visit the restaurants: “La Cantina”, “El Reposo” and “La Hacienda” which offer outdoors the most exquisite Mexican kitchen and live music.

China China: It offers magical and mystic spectacles like the great wall, Waitan Port, Fumanchú and the Dragoon Khan; Their spectacles the Mystery of Ying Xu, The pearl of the Dragoon, Magical Fantasy of China which counts even with the participation of the best Chinese acrobats. The restaurants Xim Pang and Sichuan are the best options for Chinese typical food.

Polynesia: Their attractions Sea Odyssey, Tutuki Splash, Kon-tiki Wave as well as their spectacles Makamanu Garden, Aloha Tahiti, Paradise Birds among others are a true sample of Polynesian folklore, besides they offer a beautiful and exotic scenery. Their restaurants Bora Bora and Captain's refuge offer to the public delicious exotic fruits and the most refreshing salads and juices.

Mediterranea Mediterrània: It is in the entrance of the park, its most interesting attractions are “Port de la Drassana” and “Estació del Nord”; “La Fiestaventura”, an exhibition of light, water, fire and music, as well as “Animacion en las calles” are two of the most important spectacles, among the restaurants we can find “Racó de Mar”, “La Fleca del Moll”, “El Pòsit del Molly” and “La Gelateria”.

Farwest Far West: We will find here Cowboys, Can-can dancers, delicious barbecues and the more amused attractions like Stampida, Tomahawk, Silver River Flume, Grand Canyon Rapids and Volpaiute. Enjoy their spectacles like “el Pluma de Águila”, “Fort Frenzee”, “Un héroe para Penitence” among others; you also must visit the restaurants Emma's House and Jeremías' Food.

Caribe Aquatic Park

Plunge into a typical tropical setting, enjoy the water and experience the excitement of our mind-blowing water rides. Or just grab a deckchair and chill out in the sun, surrounded by palm trees and reggae music playing in the background. Do whatever you feel like, you are in the Caribbean!

PortAventura has over 9,000 m2 of water, cool down and have a great time!

PortAventura Hotels

Staying at one of our hotels is the best way of making the very most of your visit to PortAventura. They offer no end of surprises for the whole family.

Our hotels are also easily accessible from the motorway, airport and the PortAventura train station, as well as being right next to all the main tourist attractions and towns in the region.

And, as if this wasn't enough, our hotel guests are also able to enjoy all sorts of exclusive advantages

Beach Club

PortAventura opens onto the Mediterranean to offer you the sun, countryside and water, making it the only theme park in Europe that includes the sea as one of its attractions.

The Beach Club is situated in the heart of this stunning setting, right next to the sea. It's an exclusive spot for relaxation and entertainment, reserved for guests staying at the PortAventura, Caribe and El Paso hotels, and offers marvellous views of the Playa Larga de Salou.

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