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Why is important to learn a foreign language?

People usually ask this question when they want to sign up in a foreign language course. The following are the most important reasons to learn a foreign language:
  • Employers always look for professionals who speak two or more languages, because they have to do business with foreign companies.
  • Learning a foreign language develop your intelligence and improve your abilities such as creativity and self-expression.
  • You can get a better job in an overseas company.
  • Learning a new language you can apply for foreign universities.
To sum up learning a new language is becoming a must for everybody workers, students, public in general.

Spanish language  

Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages in the world; it is spoken in many countries in the world such as Spain, Andorra and many Latin America countries. Today it is recommendable to learn Spanish, because in this way you can discover different cultures and communicate with every native speaker of Spanish.
Spanish language, as other languages, has many dialects in Latin America. For instance, there is the “portuñol” which is a mix of Spanish and Portuguese; it is spoken in the border of Brazil and Uruguay. The most difficult area in Spanish, are the verbs. There are many irregular verbs and tenses but you can use a professional conjugator to learn faster the spanish verb conjugation.

Spanish in Barcelona

Spain is the birthplace of the Spanish language that is why many people choose to study this language in Spain. Barcelona is not only known by its soccer team and monuments, but also by its languages schools which provides a good quality of teaching. The most renowned university in Barcelona is the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona which is one of the most coveted by its Spanish language courses.

The following are the most important languages schools to learn Spanish in Barcelona:
  • Kingsbrook Spanish School
  • Ole Languages
  • Camino Barcelona - Spanish Language School
  • Estudio Hispanico
  • Escuela Mediterráneo

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