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Translations in Barcelona

Nowadays, due to the increasing globalization of business, more and more companies require a professional translation service in different languages. Translations break the barrier of language and help people to access to information that is written in other language. For instance, if you want someone that can translate Catalan accurately then you can find him in Barcelona, because more than 60% of Barcelona people can speak and write Catalan at native level.

What are my options when I look for a translation?

When you look for a translation service, you have two options: translation companies and freelance translators. On one hand translation companies are easier to find because they usually advertise their services on television, internet, newspaper, etc. Likewise, these companies offer many kinds of translation services at affordable prices.

On the other hand freelance translators are more difficult to find because they prefer working on translation projects rather than spending large amounts of money in advertising. If you find a freelance translator, the translation service is cheaper than translation agencies; however you must ask him or her accreditation before hiring them.

Many people think that translation programs translate like a human do; however it is impossible that a machine replaces a human in this task. When you translate, you have to understand and interpret all text before rewriting it into a different language.

How do I know that I have a good translation?

When you look for a translation service, you have to follow some important steps such as:

First you have to know that there are some organizations in Europe that establish standards for translation services. In the case of Spain, its government regulates the quality standards for translations services in Barcelona. Likewise In this country there are other institutions that give Spanish translation accreditation for translators.

If the translated document has the same message of the original document, it means that the translation is accurately. It is recommended to hire professional translators to avoid misunderstanding mistakes.

Check your translation with a professional verb conjugation tool to avoid mistakes in verb tenses.

To sum up, prices of translation services vary from translation agency to translation agency. Even though professional translation services are more expensive than software translation, we recommend you to choose the first one.

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